Caleta de Fuste


Recently I visited Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura for a week of eating and relaxing. We had no real big plans. We simply wanted to lounge by the pool all day and eat delicious food. I was worried that this area would not have that many instagram-worthy spots however I was proved wrong quite quickly. Read on for a little insight into our holiday…

First things first, when we landed it was 8:00pm and by the time we got to our little apartment it was approaching 9:00. We had barely eaten all day as we had just grabbed baguettes from EAT in Edinburgh Airport as everywhere else was packed. So our mission at this point was to simply find food and fast. Luckily I had browsed TripAdvisor prior to arriving to check out what was nearby so that we could find somewhere quickly. One of the places that stood out was PIZZART. It had excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and you can’t really go wrong with pizza… can you?


We were not disappointed. The Pizzas were made fresh – you could see the guys rolling and kneading the dough! I ordered a veggie pizza with extra mozzarella. My logic being that after a day of travelling on an empty stomach, vegetables were extremely important at this time. D ordered a meaty BBQ pizza and gave it a big thumbs up. We washed our pizzas down with chilled glasses of Peroni. It was the perfect end to a long day of travel.

On our first day of a holiday we always like to walk around and check out the local area around our hotel/apartment. We were up and walking around by 11:00am and by 11:45 we were beginning to feel a little bit hungry… IMG_0023

We found what turned out to be a sports bar, with a lovely outdoor seating area looking onto the marina. On day one of our holiday I was convinced I was going to be as healthy as possible for the week and ordered the caprese salad. (Obviously with a side of garlic bread incase it did not fill me up).

The next day for brunch, and every day from then on we stopped by a cute little place called Caffe Nero. Over the week we tried out the eggs and bacon breakfast, a variety of savoury crepes and many Nutella crepes.



I loved this place. Visits to Caffe Nero became part of our daily routine. My only regret is that we didn’t get the chance to try out their pizza. We loved it so much that we even went post-dinner to try out their liqueur coffees. There was a lovely view from the table where we sat.




I can hear you thinking… Pizza again? But I have a boyfriend who loves to eat calzone wherever he goes if possible (I have suggested he start a blog about calzone but it probably isn’t going to happen any time soon).

Pizza is always a good choice. I love Pizza. I especially love a fresh one with a thin base and plenty of toppings. This Pizza Parma hit the spot…and apparently the calzone a good one too. We visited La Bodeguita a few times during our trip mainly because they did a really strong liqueur coffee but the food was excellent every time.

After Eight Ice-cream Sundae at La Bodeguita


You can’t go to a Spanish island and not have Paella right? For only 8euros at Fado Rock Steak House this was an extremely generous portion. I went for the meat only rather than seafood as I’m not a fan of mussels (yet – these things can change). An ideal Paella for me would be a chicken and prawn one but this meaty one was very flavoursome. D had calzone again so we should just call him Calzoneboy from now on…

One of our favourite places for dinner was a tapas place called El Capitan. I loved the look of this place inside. It had a rustic mediterranean feel to it. Theselection of tapas on their menu boards changed daily and there was just enough choice. I enjoy a frequent visit to Cafe Andaluz back home but find the amount of choice on the menu makes me panic and I end up making the same order over and over again.


That about concludes my quick summary of the places we ate in Caleta de Fuste. When it comes to choosing where to eat I prefer to reach out to food bloggers. They are more likely to give honest reviews, highlighting both positives and negatives about food and places to eat. I was unsuccessful in finding any foodie blog posts about Caleta de Fuste so for this trip I relied solely on TripAdvisor and it worked out quite well. I always feel like TripAdvisor reviews should be read with a pinch of salt. I find that the good reviews tend to be reliable, but you often have to read between the lines when it comes to negative reviews.



Once again, I hope you have enjoyed reading. I’m still slowly finding my way around this whole blog thing.

Thanks for reading,

K x

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