Saturday Search for Cake

First of all, before we begin I would like to say that I am not vegan. However, I am impressed with the expanding options of places that offer vegan menus. It does amaze me how cake can be made without eggs or milk. I still do not completely understand it. Yet, there is something about being offered ‘vegan’ cake which almost makes it sound like a healthier option. Healthy cake is definitely something I can get on board with because let’s face it, healthy cake means you can eat more of it right?

I’m not stupid, I get that cake is never actually the healthy choice. I am a keen believer that you can eat anything as long as it is in moderation. Although surely choosing to eat a vegan cake or one made with raw ingredients is better than one made with lots of processed ingredients and unhealthy additives. I am definitely not saying this is always the choice I would make but as I said above – everything in moderation!

The other day my pal Jude (AKA TheWeeBlondie) and I went out for some brunch. Afterwards we decided we wanted cake. So we wandered along Dumbarton Road in Partick and stumbled across ‘For Fika Sake.’ We were definitely not disappointed.

We walked in and were amazed at the amount of space inside. It was busy, but there were plenty of places to sit still. Quickly, we chose a spot by the window.


The place is bright but also cosy. There was plenty of space further back with large tables ideal for perching with your laptop and getting some work done.

There was not a huge selection of cakes, but on this particular day we were on the hunt for dairy free or vegan baked goods. They had a good enough selection to meet our needs. I chose the lemon and blueberry polenta cake eventually. However, I found this decision difficult  to make (nothing new there for me) as Jude chose the vegan chocolate and peanut butter cakelet and I was terrified of getting food envy.



My cake was delicious. I have a thing for lemon drizzle and other citrusy cakes. I love the sharpness and freshness. This cake was mouthwateringly tasty and perfectly lemony. It was light too. If I had not just eaten my fair share of brunch I could probably have eaten at least another two slices.

I think Jude enjoyed her vegan chocolate and peanut butter cakelet. The look on her face as we watched back her Instastory said it all. I tasted it too and can confirm it tasted as overindulgent as it looked. Heavenly.

I washed my delicious slice of lemony heaven down with a refreshing can of Cucumber and Mint flavoured Cawston Press. Usually, I would take my cake served with a soy caramel latte or cappuccino, sometimes even a simple cup of tea. However I felt like something a little more refreshing on this particular afternoon. I loved this drink. So much so that although I had not finished it before we had to leave I took it with me and sipped it on the subway home. It reminded me of drinking a Hendricks cooler cocktail. I’m not an avid gin drinker however I feel that this would be a perfect mixer for gin – I may have to try it out and let you know. It was the perfect accompaniment to go with my cake.


I can’t wait to return to Cafe Fika to try out more of their menu. Meanwhile, if you are on the hunt for somewhere to go and sit, either catch up with friends or do some work on your laptop you should check them out. They’re over on Instagram @forfikasake . If you do go and try something on their main menu be sure to let me know what you think!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed reading.


K x

(P.S. Don’t forget to keep  up with my posts on Instagram. @thefoodlife_GLA I try and post daily. )

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