Three Sisters Bake


Are you ready to step inside Three Sisters Bake with me?

It was a sweltering but beautiful day. I drove out to Quarriers Village near Bridge of Weir to visit Three Sisters Bake. The first thing that hit me when driving up was how idyllic the area was. It was beautiful. We were already quite hungry so decided to head straight in and would go for a post-lunch wander.

We did not have to wait long to be seated and even though it was lunch time and reasonably busy there was still a few different choices of table. Quickly we decided on a Booth with plenty of natural light (a necessity for taking good photographs of course).


We perused the menu and after a little deliberation we decided to order both the Ploughmans and Seafood Tasting Boards between two of us. They arrived quickly and were beautifully presented.



I began by tucking into the Seafood Tasting Board. Both boards were served cold but the prawns had been cooked to perfection before hand. I layered the mackerel paté on an oatcake with a drizzle of creme fraiche. It was a delightful combination. This was my favourite board of the two.



I moved on to the Ploughmans board. I would have preferred if the brown bread that it came with had been toasted but this did not deflect from the delicious flavour of the chicken liver paté.

We were satisfyingly full after grazing whilst chatting the time away. Although I would have expected to see slightly more on the board for the cost of them. But everything served was fresh and delicious. So perhaps I am just moaning for the sake of moaning. I’ll let others be the judge of that.

Satisfyingly full but with room for cake.  The selection of cakes was fantastic.


I found it incredibly difficult to decide on which baked good to go for. I was torn between the cookie brownie and the carrot cake. In the end I settled on going for a slice of the lemon cake. It looked beautiful perched up on its cake stand so it was difficult to resist.


We ordered some coffees to go with our cakes. I tucked into my cake and it was sharp and lemony as you would hope a lemon cake would be. The sponge was moist but firm. I loved everything about it.


It was such a beautiful day it would have been rude not to go for a wander around Quarriers village. I had heard of Three Sisters Bake but I did not realise that it was in such an idyllic and serene location. It was an exquisite day out.


I have not included any prices in this post however if you are thinking about going along to either of the Three Sisters Bake cafes then you can check out their menu on their website –


As always, thank you for coming along to read my post. For more regular updates check out my instagram @thefoodlife_GLA

K x

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