A Tuesday Date Night

A Tuesday date night or even just a catch up with friends. Either way this tasty option at Hutchesons City Grill is perfect for both occasions.

Recently my friend Jude (The Wee Blondie) and I met for one of our usual catch ups. On these occasions we prefer to meet in the city centre of Glasgow as it is easiest for us both to get to after a busy day of work. Usually, we go on the hunt for burgers or something quick easy and a bit more casual. However, on this occasion Jude invited me to join her at Hutchesons City Grill to try out their Tuesday “Tails from the Grill” menu.

 I have lived in Glasgow for just over a year now and had not yet visited Hutchesons. It has been suggested to me numerous times when I’ve been looking for brunch for a special occasion, but things never quite went to plan. However, finally I have visited and I will definitely be returning.

We received a warm welcome on arrival and were given a few moments to look over the Tails from the Grill menu. For £40 you get 35 day dry-aged d-rump of Scotch beef, topped with grilled Atlantic prawns, a side of ox tail croquettes, fries and a bottle of house wine. There is also a selection of tops and sides to go with the steak including seasonal greens and macaroni cheese. I was very tempted by the side of macaroni and cheese however Jude does not eat dairy and I did not want to commit to a whole portion on my own.


We were quickly ready to order both wine and food. We ordered our d-rumps with a side of Béarnaise sauce as recommended by our waitress but also decided to try the hot and spicy Buffalo sauce. I would not usually pair a steak with something that had this much of a kick to it but I was in the mood for trying something a bit different.

Our wine arrived quickly. Perfectly chilled. Generally, I would order a red when eating red meat but on this occasion we went for the white. Having ordered our food quite quickly it gave us plenty time to chat and share our recent life events and updates.


It did not take long for our food to arrive. Our plates were delivered to us carrying the sauce and chips. Then the meat arrived in a cast iron dish served on a wooden board. It looked too good to eat. Inside the dish along with the d-rump (cooked medium-rare) were two whole giant prawns and the ox tail croquettes. The presentation was simple but effective. It was picture perfect.


As I mentioned above, I would not ordinarily order a spicy sauce to go with steak but the buffalo sauce was definitely an interesting twist to this dish. It had quite a kick to it but for me, after a year in South Korea building up my spice tolerance, I could handle it. Although it was very spicy it was also full of flavour. (Insider tip – they also said if customers did find it too spicy they could return it and get some more butter added to it to reduce the spice). The béarnaise was also delicious. Given the choice of the two I would probably have to order both again because I thoroughly enjoyed them both for different reasons. Also those croquettes. I would eat them as a meal on their own. Perfection in croquette form. The ox-tail was a sort of ‘pulled’ consistency.



There was not a single drop of food in sight by the time we were finished. Everything was cooked perfectly and full of flavour. When we were offered the dessert menu I almost had to decline but I decided to have a look anyway – I am easily persuaded.


As soon as I saw a lemon cheesecake served with lemon sorbet my decision was made. I do love a good rich chocolate dessert but dinner was quite rich and heavy (in the best way) and I felt that this would be a lighter choice for dessert.

It tasted incredible. The base was firm but not too hard, and the filling was creamy as a cheesecake should be with the right about of sharpness from the lemon. It tasted impeccable. Heavenly.


Every mouthful was delicious – even the wine. My only regret is that I had not visited Hutcheson’s sooner. However, I won’t be too hard on myself as I have only lived in Glasgow for just over a year.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

K x



P.S. Jude vlogged the day we went to Hutchesons so if you have a spare minute check that out by clicking here. You get to see the food being served and dished out.

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