Mindful Eating (The V&V Cafe)

Here I am again, writing a vegetarian/vegan post. Yet I still have not made a full transition. To be completely honest I never will. But hear me out. Also don’t just close this post because you’re not vegetarian or vegan. Seriously hear me out.

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me along to V&V to try out their menu. The email made it very clear that the theme of the cafe is to promote healthy food that just so happens to be vegetarian/vegan. Therefore it did not matter that I am not in fact a vegetarian or vegan. After checking them out online I couldn’t find a reason not to visit.

So on a cold but bright sunny Sunday that is exactly what we did. When we arrived at 1:00pm the cafe was packed out – a very good sign. We sat down and had a chance to look through the menu after getting the chance to meet the owner. Saffy, the owner, popped over to say hello and welcome us. It was great to find out all about Saffy and a little bit about why she decided to set up shop in the first place. Saffy is of Kashmiri origin and the café proudly serves food that has been inspired from that region including pakoras, curries, soups.

After perusing the menu we decided to order the pakora toastie and the vegetarian curry. I brought my vegetarian pal along for the experience as I thought her opinion as a veggie, who loves to eat out would be very useful here. It’s easy for us meat eaters. But I totally understand that it can be tricky for strict, long term vegetarians to find places with a lot of choice.

Whilst we waited for our food we sipped on the most delicious mochas made with soya milk. They were rich and perfectly chocolatey – perfect to warm us up on such a chilly day.

After a short wait our food arrived. I decided to try the pakora toastie first. I loved the concept. Kashmiri inspired with a Scottish twist (the Scottish twist being to stick anything battered and deep fried into a sandwich). Some of the pakora was a little bit soggy but that could be due to it being wedged in between two slices of bread. Hopefully, when I visit next (which I fully intent to do) I will order the Pakora kebab in order to test its crispiness.

Next I tucked into some of the curry. Now, I have a confession. I had a really bad cold so my sense of taste and smell was slightly off but oh my. The flavours of this curry broke down those barriers. DELICIOUS. It was the perfect remedy for me in my current state. The food was warming and filling but also packed full of flavour.

The V&V cafe also serve up some scrumptious looking baked goods – however we were absolutely stuffed so gave it a miss on this occasion. However I would absolutely return to enjoy some cake and another of their velvety and rich mochas.

Now… as I was saying above, here I am again, writing a post that you could say is aimed at vegetarians and vegans. However I disagree. I think for me it is all about being mindful. I’ve sat in a room with people who have been of the opinion that if you want to eat meat every day then why shouldn’t you. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But here are my views.

Mindful eating. What do I mean by this?


Where does my food come from? Is it ethical? Is there a way I can make sure my food purchases have a positive impact on my local economy.


Thinking about the effects of what you put into your body actually has on your body. Yes I love a sweet treat and it probably doesn’t have any positive effects on my body physically but the enjoyment I get out of treating myself once in a while makes me feel good mentally. Mindful eating to me means moderation.

Not just eating MEAT because I can

I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today. I am in a financial position where I could eat meat everyday if I wanted to. Meat is also produced in such a way now that means even where money is tighter meat is still affordable. But for me, I still see meat (and certain foods) as a luxury. We eat meat because it contains nutrients that help our bodies continue to grow and recover. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers. They didn’t eat meat every day. So I believe that we certainly do not need to either. We are certainly so much better off than them as even if we couldn’t eat meat everyday there are so many other foods that now give us the nutrients that we once believed we could only get from meat.

So there you have it. A wee review of the V&V cafe which I would recommend if you are looking for something hearty, healthy and delicious. Along with my reasons for opting for the veggie choice from time to time!

Thanks for reading,

K x

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