Bar Gumbo 2.0

It had been nearly 2 years since I had last stepped foot inside Bar Gumbo on Byres road, but only one and a half years-ish since I had last eaten food from there (the joys of deliveroo). Both experiences had been great but were when my boyfriend lived in the West End and I just visited at weekends. It is one of those places that if I lived closer I’m quite certain I would pop in more. Even more now since they have had a bit of a make over and introduced a new menu! When I was invited down to try the new menu I took up the offer as I certainly had no reason to turn them down.

Bar Gumbo’s new look is fresher and from my memory quite a bit brighter. The restaurant side feels MORE like a restaurant now.

On first glance at the menu prices seemed similar to before. Reasonable prices. I’m sure that is necessary for most places in this area of town as there are a lot of skint students about.

To start we ordered the seafood bites – calamari, prawn and white fish deep fried in a light crisp batter. Although deep fried these were in no way stodgy or heavy. Also the batter was seasoned to perfection whilst the seafood inside was cooked perfectly.

I was in a very indecisive mood this particular evening (nothing new there) so when it came to the mains it took me ages to make up my mind. However it quickly became apparent that a few more trips will need to happen in the near future in order to try more of the menu. In the end I chose the jambalaya. I was very hungry and so this was recommended to us by our waiter along with the wild boar sausage and red chilli mac and cheese.

The jambalaya was flavoursome but not as spicy as I thought it was going to be. A little bit more of a kick would have been nice. It came as a very generous serving. There was plenty of chicken and prawns rather than the plate being filled with rice. A perfect ratio I would say.

The wild boar sausage mac and cheese. WOW. Proper cheesy macaroni. The wild boar sausage addition was definitely a good idea. Although we had this as a side on this occasion I would absolutely order this as a main! It was fantastic. So indulgent.

We did not make it to desserts. The jambalaya was extremely filling and with a side of mac and cheese I was about ready to burst.

Overall, it was a great meal. Very reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of food. The new look giving it more of a restaurant feel rather than just a bar that serves food. A return in the near future will be necessary as I am yet to try their cocktails and desserts. Perhaps a date night in the new year to cure those January Blues!

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