A haggis themed afternoon tea

Haggis. I feel like it is one of those things you either love or hate. As a child growing up I hated it. That might be because my memories are of it being served to me at school every year on or around the 25th January in the least appetising way. It would always come on a paper plate and you’d get a spoonful of haggis along with neeps and tatties. Yes I was that child who only ate the mashed tattie. These memories and the fact that I LOVE haggis now are one of the things that put me off serving it to the children I teach.

Don’t get me wrong, I love haggis, neeps and tatties now but the game changer for me was probably being served it in “bon bon” form by my auntie. It was then I began to appreciate its richness and spicy flavour.

When I was invited along to preview the Macsween haggis afternoon tea at Innis and Gunn (Ashton Lane) how could I decline?

The haggis afternoon tea will be available from Monday 22nd January until the 29th of January for just £15 (and that’s for two people!). At £7.50 I think it is an absolute bargain. Read on to find out what you get for your money.

To begin, we were served 4 different types of Innis and Gunn to try:

  • Coffee spiced ale
  • Daracha
  • Saison du bru
  • Original

I loved the fruitiness of the saison du bru but if you are a lover of dark ales I could see the darker ales pairing even better with the haggis. When you pay the £15 for the afternoon tea it also includes a half pint each.

Now onto the haggis. I was so excited when our cake tier of goodies arrived. At the bottom there was haggis served in a brioche bun, smoked salmon sandwiches as well as a cheese and chutney one. The sandwiches were pretty tasty and the quality of filling was great. However, the brioche bun filled with haggis was definitely the winner on this tier. It was quite simple really. Bit of haggis in a brioche bun. Simple but absolutely delectable.

Onto the next tier. Filled with more haggis goodies. Haggis sausage rolls and scotch eggs. Wonderful. Delicious. My mouth waters as I think about them. Both were absolutely delicious but the seasoning of the crumb on the scotch egg makes it the winner (if I had to choose obviously – but you don’t have to choose because you get both).

On the top tier, keeping with the traditional theme of afternoon tea were scones and a sweet treat. I don’t really have much to say about the scones, but I wasn’t there for scones so on this occasion I’m not going to get upset over poor scones. (Also let’s remember that this is already a bargain at £7.50pp). They were quite small, but with a bit of cream and jam they were a good way to end the afternoon tea experience. On this tier there were also another sweet treats – designed to look like a “traditional” haggis, inside the icing was a very rich chocolate flavoured with haggis spices. It was certainly interesting and I’m glad I tried it. It kept the theme going. It was very rich and I was already stuffed so I only ate half of it.

All in all it was certainly a very positive experience. A fantastic amount of good quality savoury food. I would certainly be happy to pay £15 pp but as I’ve stated already it’s £15 for TWO people. Perhaps it could be a great alternative to having a burns supper this week? I’ll leave you with that idea. Get yourself booked in!

As always thank you for reading.

K x

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