What I eat in a week

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while but I always get to Tuesday and realise I’ve not done it.

Our food shopping always gets delivered on a Saturday so with a stocked up fridge and cupboards, giving me a rough idea of what is in store for the week ahead I felt ready to write this.

The problem, however, isn’t so much the writing. I tend to forget to take pictures and I don’t feel my blog would be what it is without the photographs. My plan was to take and edit the photos as I go along. But if you read on you will see how it goes.

I’m kicking off this post on the Sunday. Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without my cuppa tea in bed. I probably spend a good hour or so just browsing social media. However this particular Sunday I was actually quite productive as I’ve managed to solve a slight problem.

Problem: I didn’t buy any bread this week making brunch a struggle.

Solution: @whatiateforbreakfast had just posted on her story about how to make hash browns. Luckily I had a lot of potatoes so guess what I did…

Yes, you got it. Home made hash browns with soft poached eggs for brunch. I didn’t realise how much water a potato held until I spent a good 15 minutes just squeezing water out of grated potato. It was worth it though! Home made hash browns may become a more regular occurrence.

Sunday dinner this week was not a roast. In fact it very rarely is. Instead I made pizzas using ciabatta flour. My toppings were mozzarella, feta, peppers and onions. Whereas David has the same plus some tuna on top!


I start my work days by drinking 500ml of water and a cup of coffee. As much as I love breakfast on a weekend I do tend to skip it during the week. Very bad. I know. But a cup of coffee, then a cup of tea when I arrive at work keeps me going! I honestly don’t feel hungry. At 10:30 I have another cup of tea and some fruit.

At work I prefer to have a small and light lunch. A big lunch can leave me feeling lethargic and that makes my job difficult. This Monday lunch time I had some pasta mixed with leftover ricotta and spinach mix from the weekend.

This is a slightly bigger lunch that I am used to but still not too heavy.

I am quite a big snacker and usually at 3:00pm I’ll treat myself to a cup of tea and a cereal bar (and whatever snacks are going in the staffroom)

On Monday evening I had a friend over for dinner and I made my sweet potato, quorn mince and feta lattice. Annoyingly I forgot to take a picture of it as I was too busy chatting but here’s a picture from another time I made it

I was a very poor host and did not provide dessert. Instead there was tea and the last of the cadburys milk tray.


Week days tend to all start the same way. Coffee, tea, apple then lunch! Lunch on Tuesday was my “usual.” A little salad of leaves, peppers, onions, tomatoes and mozzarella.

I was exhausted by Tuesday but after some yoga headed into the kitchen to throw together a mushroom stroganoff. It ended up as a stroganoff with a twist – the twist being haggis.

By Tuesday a gin was also required.


I was particularly hungry again on Wednesday. By lunch time I was overly keen to get tucked into the night before leftovers – mushroom stroganoff. Up until this point I had been reasonably good with avoiding staffroom treats but today I had a few chocolates and shortbread.

When I got home I did yoga again and then decided to make halloumi fries for dinner. As I didn’t used that much oil they ended up looking a bit anaemic. But they were still tasty. I love halloumi. After making hashbrowns at the weekend I thought I’d give it ago again but with sweet potato. Although I think I preferred the plain potato ones.


Now usually I have my same wee salad for lunch all week. However, this week I’ve only had it once. Thursday’s lunch consisted of a toasted bagel with a few slices of cheese sandwiched in between. (Quite a sad sounding lunch but it was simple and tasty!). Guess what? Yup. I didn’t snap it. I’m not very good at this.

I had after school cross country club so by the time I got home I was RAVENOUS. I successfully demolished a third of a tub of sweet chilli houmous with sea salt crostini.

That was just a snack of course. Dinner was a simple pasta, meatballs and sauce situation .

Leftovers for lunch on Friday of course!


I must admit keeping up with this post as the week goes on has been trickier and trickier. Came home from work and had more houmous and crostini.

Popped to the co op for a Friday night treat – RED WINE. Served with a side of veggie fajitas. I really am preferring veggie fajitas so much more at the moment.

… you guessed it – I forgot to SNAP


One day of two that I actually eat breakfast. Although, with plans to head to the dockyard social and eat LOTS I settled for a simple plain bagel.

Now for the main highlight of my week – one that I couldn’t forget to snap. On Saturday I ate and drank my way round the Dockyard Social

We decided to begin by sharing the shrimpwreck buffalo prawns and pork and kimchi dumplings. The dumplings reminded me so much of my second home, South Korea. I now feel like I much get my hands on some gochujang sauce as my addiction has restarted. Those prawns were definitely a highlight of my afternoon though. Light batter and delicious buffalo sauce. A wonderful combination.

Next up we had some chicken satay and fries. The fries were so tasty and moreish. The satay was also delicious – and had quite a kick to it. We washed this down with a rhubarb Collins. So tasty!

To finish up we headed over to Buffle Wrap – hello chocolate waffle heaven.

Final meal of the week was a little M&S Two dine for £10 – Flavoursome aubergine bake. Just a wee plateful for me though as I was absolutely stuffed after visiting The Dock Yard Social.

So there’s a little insight into my weekly eating habits. Riveting, I know! If anything I feel like writing this post and looking at my Instagram it highlights social media can glamourise something that’s really not that interesting.

Thanks for reading,

K x

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