Elia Greek Restaurant

The other night Emma and I decided to finally visit Elia Greek Restaurant on George Square. It had been somewhere on our “list” since we went to Crete last summer. One evening when we were out for dinner our waiter told us he knew somebody who lived in Glasgow and in-fact ran a Greek restaurant.

I had never even heard of Elia until somebody hundreds of miles away told me about it even though I have walked past it many times. This is possibly because we are living in a world powered by social media and Elia Greek, who have an Instagram account, don’t really use it that often. In a way it was very refreshing to go somewhere that was not full of instacrazies (I am one so I can call us that) trying to get the perfect picture before finally tucking in. That is until I showed up.

The first thing we noticed is that it was a big and bright space. Although bright the lighting did not feel too harsh. The space would also make this place ideal for large parties like birthdays. We went on a Thursday and I would have said it was fairly busy for a Thursday.

Once we sat down our drinks order was taken quite quickly. Wine was very reasonably priced (£5 for a large glass I think but please correct me if I am wrong). The white was crisp, light and easy to drink (well I thought it was). Along with our drinks we were served complimentary bread and olives. This is a nice touch and I feel like so many places don’t do this any more. Definitely winning behaviour in my opinion.

We decided to order a few things to share.

  • Tzatziki £4.25
  • Feta saganaki £4.25
  • Greek salad £5.50

The tzatziki was nice. Although I didn’t find it as chunky as some that I had in Crete. This one was a bit smoother, because the cucumber pieces had been chopped really small, and creamier. I’m not sure what the correct consistency is. I liked it. I also don’t mind chunkier bits of cucumber through it. Also I ate most of it with my main too so I am certainly not complaining.

The saganaki came served in a tomato sauce. In Crete it was just served on it own. The whole thing was nice but just a little different to what we had tried before.

Greek salad. This is tough. After eating Greek salad pretty much every day during a 7 day holiday we have figured out what we like and don’t like. We have our perfect ideal Greek salad – less leafy, more tomato and cucumber. Also with red onion and a big chunk of feta. The Elia Greek salad was a bit more leafy but I can’t fault it. It was fresh and had all of the right ingredients.

As a main I ordered the chicken souvlaki. It was delicious. I also realised that it was my first real chicken dish since 2017. Since eating less meat, chicken has disappeared from my diet. The chicken was very flavoursome. I never find when ordering souvlaki that the chicken is succulent – it’s drier but not in a bad way if that makes sense. I really prefer chicken this way. For me, the chicken souvlaki was my favourite part of this meal. Also the chips were incredible. They look like average everyday home made chips. But I love this. I’m not sure what they do to them but it works.

Emma ordered pasta which came as a portion big enough for two. She took half of it away for lunch on Friday.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to Elia Greek restaurant. The bill came to £42 which I think it great value. All of the food was of a very good quality. The service was fabulous. We were totally full up when we waddled home too. For city centre Glasgow I would say it is incredible value.

If you’ve got an occasion coming up or even a date night and you’re not sure where to go next I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

They are on instagram @eliagreekrestaurant , although they are not very active but there are a few tagged pictures. Also their website which I think is mostly up to date in terms of prices can be found at http://eliagreekrestaurant.com

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

K x

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