Finsbay Flatiron

I have been waiting a year for this. Last February (2017) I went to London for the weekend. This was about the time I was thinking of starting my own blog but didn’t have the guts.

That weekend I was determined to make good choices about where to eat. London can be expensive and with three days worth of meals ahead of us we also needed to be a bit savvy with our cash.

That was when I discovered “Flat Iron Steak.” We went to the Curtain Road branch and after leaving I was so tempted to return again the same weekend.

So this brings me to the reason for this blog post. Since visiting “Flat Iron Steak” I have been waiting and hoping for one to open in Glasgow. Now this has not happened. However “Finsbay Flatiron” on Woodlands road in the West End is essentially the same concept. Even the menus are almost identical.

When I discovered it on social media I knew I had to make a reservation straight away.
We opted to go for lunch on a Saturday. As I said, the menu is very similar to that of the “Flat Iron Steak” chain. You order your flat iron for £10pp (£10 weekend, £8 during the week) and then you order your sides which are all priced individually. We ordered double dip chips covered in parmesan and hollandaise along with mac, haggis and black pudding bon bons. We also ordered a side of market greens.

We both ordered our steaks to be served medium rare, which is recommended for this particular cut of meat. They did not disappoint. I find flatiron steaks always so flavoursome. They are a tougher cut of meat, especially compared to an fillet, but I believe this is what gives them their flavour. You also have to order sauces separately but at £1 they are a bargain!

The sides were impressive. The bon bons were very interesting. Deep fried and filled with three of my favourite foods. What’s not to love. My only regret with the chips is that we did not order a portion each. There were plenty in the portion, they were just so good I could have continued to graze and snack on them for the rest of the afternoon.

All in we were £41 for the food which included a drink each. It’s not fine dining but it is extremely delicious and satisfying food in a pub/bar setting. Better than your average pub grub that’s for sure.

I highly recommend you get yourself down to Finsbay Flat Iron soon! It has initially opened up as a pop up but I am really hoping it will become a permanent fixture.

Thanks for reading,

K x

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