One Cove Road

If you have read my blog before you’ll know that I am Glasgow based. If you are a hardcore fan of my blog (I joke) and have read the about me page, you’ll know that originally I am a Highlander. City life is relatively new to me. Therefore, it is no surprise that from time to time I like to head out of the city and see what is going on on the outskirts of Glasgow. With this in mind, when the owners of ‘One Cove Road,’ which is based in Gourock, invited me along to try out their new menu how could I say no? The fact that one of my good friends, Jude (The Wee Blondie), also lives there was another great reason to head to Gourock.

The drive from Glasgow took me about 45 minutes. It was only 28 miles (I say only simply because I have a 45 mile round trip for work every day) but the last section of the drive is through Port Glasgow and Greenock and therefore the speed limit is restricted to 30/40mph. If you don’t have access to a car, trains from Glasgow central take around 45/50 minutes. From there it is a further 15-minute walk to One Cove Road. You could hop of a station earlier at Fort Matilda and then it is only a 7-minute walk.

After what felt like a quick drive I managed to get parked up around the corner from the café/bistro. It was quite busy, however, I squeezed into a tiny space and was delighted to find that parking was FREE.

On arrival, we were greeted by the manager. We were seated in a lovely little corner. I loved the black and white theme of the café/bistro. On the walls, there were black and white prints then on white tables the tea/coffee was served in black, white or clear cups and mugs. Simple and something a little bit different to all those places going for the mismatch crockery vibe. (Not a dig to those places, I love those places too). 

We were given a few minutes to browse and inspect the menu. There were quite a few of the usual suspects available on the ‘all day brunch’ section of the menu. In addition to this, there was also a selection of some delicious sounding open sandwiches and toasties, as well as some specials. Since I had a bit of a cold I decided to go for a dish with black pudding as I’ve heard it is often considered a superfood. (You can also always guarantee it will be packed with flavour). I ordered the ‘Eggs Ecosse’ which included poached eggs and black pudding smothered in hollandaise sauce all served on a tattie scone.

I certainly was not wrong about the black pudding being packed with flavour. As I had hoped it was definitely saporous. It had that fiery kick you want in a black pudding and was sourced locally, from McCaskie Butcher. I devoured every drop. Meanwhile, Jude enjoyed her ‘Full Scottish Breakfast’ but was defeated. It was massive though so I would say she made a very good attempt at eating the whole thing.

With my tasty brunch dish, I enjoyed a pot of Earl Grey tea. If you are a regular viewer of my Instastories you will know that I am a converted fan as of late. The Earl Grey tea and all of the other teas on the menu are all from ETEAKET, a company based in Edinburgh. It was served with a timer set to the perfect brewing time. The tea was also a loose leaf, and the manager provided me with a little dish which I could use to rest the leaves on so that my tea did not get too strong.

Something that stood out for me, on my visit to ‘One Cove Road,’ was the fact that their produce was all relatively locally sourced from Scottish suppliers. Their black pudding, as I mentioned above, was from McCaskie Butcher based in Weymss Bay, the eggs are organic and come from a farm in Ayrshire, the milk is also Scottish and comes from Grahams Dairy. Even the tea, as mentioned above, was from a Scottish company. By visiting ‘One Cove Road,’ you are not just supporting one local/Scottish business you are supporting many. This is a great thing in the current economic climate.

The only disappointment during my visit to ‘One Cove Road‘ was the weather. Had it been a lovely, dry day we could have walked off our brunch and Jude could have shown me some of the sights of her hometown. However, it was pretty drizzly, so apart from my short walk from the car to the café/bistro, the rest of what I saw of Gourock was from the car. Hopefully, when I return to try one of the delicious looking scones it will be on a brighter and less rainy day.

In the meantime, are there any other places on the outskirts of Glasgow that I need to visit? I do love a good garden centre trip. Let me know in the comments.

Hope you have enjoyed reading,

K x

(I was invited to review ‘One Cove Road’ and in exchange my meal was free. This does not have an effect on the views and opinions on this post. I will only ever post honest reviews.) 

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