Summer Favourites

Hello, hello. A different kind of post from me today. I thought I would pop on and share with you my current favourite meals/ingredients.

The longest day of summer has been and gone, and since the beginning of May we have been pretty lucky with the weather. That summer body I’ve been meaning to work on since January still hasn’t happened, and now I’m running out of time (one week until I go to Italy, incase you didn’t know). I’m not one for dieting, I personally believe that it needs to be a lifestyle change. This just means I’m constantly trying to change my lifestyle. In all honesty, I think my diet is pretty balanced, and although my family go on and on about me eating so much, I actually don’t. My Instagram account may suggest otherwise.

I’m rambling. What was my point? Oh yes, sharing my favourite meals from the summer so far. With my summer body in mind, I’ve been trying to get more strict with working out. With that comes my motivation to eat healthier. This has led to lots of SALADS.

I’ve been serving up salads with almost every meal. My salads consist of fresh spinach leaves, red onion, cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes and feta. All dressed with a splash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. I’ve found this combination to be a winner, even with David who usually prefers boiled vegetables with his dinner.

My love for this salad has meant that I’ve been trying to come up with more “main” dishes to go with it. A few months ago I wrote about buttery garlic and chilli prawns here. I still love them, especially paired with chickpeas and chorizo which is another dish I’ve been enjoying.

All of this barbecue weather has had me craving a good burger too. Sadly, I don’t have a garden let alone a barbecue. However burgers cooked and eaten indoors are just as delicious. Oh and guess what, they go with my favourite salad too.

My love for avocado is back. To be fair it never went away. But when avocados are only 49p from Tesco I can’t NOT put a few in my basket every week. I’ve been serving them as an additional ingredient to my salad but I’ve also been experimenting with guacamole recipes.

I love fajitas, but a dollop of home made guacamole makes them even better. For mine all I do is smash up the avocado, add half a finely chopped red onion, chilli flakes and a squeeze of lime.

A more random creation that I love and know will be making an appearance more is one that I came up with last Thursday. Baked potato, flattened and mashed out. Fresh spinach and feta. Smoked salmon. Delicious and filling. Simple

Another thing. HALLOUMI. I can’t get enough. For two years now I’ve been making my own Halloumi fries from time to time. Simply by coating the halloumi in flour, egg and then flour again. However recently I cranked it up a notch. Instead of repeating the flour step, I’ve been coating them in bread crumbs. GAME CHANGER.

I recently cranked it up further by slicing the block in half rather than into smaller “chips,” carrying out the same flour, egg and bread crumb procedure and then frying. Hello homemade halloumi burger. I can have this meal once a week and still achieve my summer body goals right?

Those are a few of my favourite things right now. What about you? What’s on your summer plate? I’m always looking for more ideas so let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

K x

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