Gourmet Burger Kitchen At Home

I love a good burger. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Glasgow where you can find a great burger. For me all elements of the burger are important. Mess up one part and the whole experience can be be ruined. The patty, they key component, needs to be perfect. If it’s a beef burger then it needs to be seasoned to perfection and certainly not dry. The bread needs to be fresh – I’ve experienced a beautiful burger being spoiled by having it served to me in a dry roll that had clearly come out of the freezer. Then there’s the toppings. Whatever they are, they have to be fresh and good quality. If one of these three things is wrong, the whole burger experience is ruined.

Recently, I was sent some vouchers to buy some “Gourmet Burger Kitchen” products.* When I picked up the burgers I had a feeling they were going to be great. Two large patties, 99% beef 1% salt and pepper. Given that I was in charge here I felt a lot of pressure to make sure I didn’t mess it up by getting the wrong type of roll or using the wrong toppings.

I decided that I would use a fresh poppy seed roll and toppings would be onions caramelised and Gorgonzola cheese. I felt that this was a good pairing as I use honey to caramelise red onions and it pairs nicely with Gorgonzola.

I grilled the burgers for 15 minutes (I love my steak rare but prefer burgers to be a bit more well done). Then I layered up the burger and toppings in the bun and finished it off with some GBK house relish.

We were having dinner later as it was a Tuesday and D has football until 8:30. I was pretty hungry but these burgers were worth the wait. As I was trying the burgers with the intention of reviewing them I made sure I tried a bite of my patty on its own. It was faultless. Meaty as it should be with enough seasoning to give it the perfect flavour. At that point I was just hoping my topping choices were going to do it justice. Luckily they did!

Whilst I was in Waitrose, I also picked up some crinkle cut chips. To create a perfect side for these delicious burgers I cooked the chips in the oven, sprinkled them with Cajun spice and then drizzled them in the GBK smoked chilli mayo. They were incredible.

The GBK burgers can be found at Waitrose costing £4.50 for two large patties. I would definitely say they are worth the price as they are quite chunky and you can taste the quality. I would buy them in future as a treat. Especially seeing as this meal had been such a success therefore I’m very keen to repeat it.

How do you feel about burger chains such as “Gourmet Burger Kitchen” offering up their products in supermarkets so that you can cook them at home? Wouldn’t it be amazing if “Bread Meats Bread did such a thing? Or do you prefer to head out and leave it up to the professionals?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading.

K x

*I was sent vouchers to purchase and review these burgers. All opinions are my own and I will always be honest in my reviews whether I have purchased the product or been gifted a product.

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