Partick Duck Club

Another Sunday, another brunch outing. This is definitely something I feel I could never tire of. Even if it does come at the expense of being ditched the rest of the day for football on the telly.

The choice of where to go is mainly up to me but I like to give D a couple of options and let him pick from there. Last Sunday we found ourselves at “Partick Duck Club.” A place I have wanted to try for a while but for whatever reason it has taken this long.

We had booked a table but were ten minutes early. This was not a problem as we were offered a seat at the bar where we could order coffee and peruse the menu. I had already decided what I was having but for those who like a bit of time to look at the menu (also me when I haven’t had time to do my research pre food outing) it is ideal as you can order more quickly once you get to your table.

The service was lovely, relatively quick for such a busy place and certainly efficient.

D ordered the beef short rib benedict, whilst I went for the duck leg and nduja hash. Portion sizes were very good. In fact, I couldn’t even finish mine.

When you have duck eggs on your menu, with their big bright yolks, you don’t even need to try and be “instagrammable.” I was so excited when my plate of food arrived. A humungous serving of duck leg and nduja hash with a duck egg on top that I was dying to cut into. It was rather spicy – that’ll be the nduja duh. However, I felt this was balanced out with the sour cream and the egg. It was so more-ish.

As I made my way through the delicious serving, despite heat which I loved, although my mouth was telling me to slow down, my brain wanted more simply because it tasted so good. The cabbage in amongst the dish reminded me of the cabbage I ate in Korea, deliciously spicy. Which made me realise how similar nduja and gochujang may be…

I also tried a bite of Ds short rib benedict too. This was also one of my choices from the menu but brunch club rules state that we are not allowed to order the same thing. I could have quite easily had half of his dish too. The beef was tender and melted in your mouth. I will be ordering this next time then… (Although I want my dish again and also still want to try the crab. Do they do loyalty cards?)

Another successful Sunday Brunch that came to around £30 for two.

Both brunch dishes were £11.95 which seem a little more compared to other places with similar dishes. However I would say the quantity and quality are reflected in the price.

As always I hope you have enjoyed reading. Make sure you check out their menu. What would you order? Let me know by commenting below.

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