Where are all the preferred brunch spots in Glasgow? I feel like most of the time I head to the West End and the increasingly popular South side. Meanwhile the East End gets forgotten about. Well not any more.

New to the East End on Alexandra Parade is “Scran.” It does exactly what it says on the tin. No frills but by no means boring or substandard. There’s plenty of choice on the menu but not so much, that if like me, you become overwhelmed by the options to choose from.

There is nothing fancy about the tables at Scran but it’s still cute and most importantly very clean. They have cute wee touches such as little plants on the tables. It has a perfect wee cafe vibe.

They serve Myrtle coffee. A brand that I’m not familiar with but I enjoyed it. It was much smoother than any coffee I’ve had recently. I sipped on my silky, smooth cappuccino whilst waiting for the food to arrive.

David went for the eggs benedict (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice there’s a bit of repetition when it comes to his orders). Meanwhile, I went for the Nutella mascarpone French toast. Very different to my usual choice.

As much as I have a sweet tooth, when it comes to brunch I tend to stick with savoury, and if I do order anything sweet it tends to be after lining my stomach with some poached eggs first. However on this occasion I thought “why not?.” We also had to order a side of the Halloumi topped fries as they sounded delicious.

The French toast was crisp on the edges and fluffy inside. Smothered in Nutella mascarpone it really was like heaven on a plate.

David highly recommends the eggs benedict saying that it’s one of the best he’s had (and he’s had it from somewhere different every Sunday for the last 8 weeks now).

We both devoured the scran fries. Delicious deep fried pieces of Halloumi with a good drizzling of spicy sauce.

The cost of our brunch made this trip even better. At no point did we feel that the quality of food we were eating was cheap. The total bill came in at just £18 and that’s with an added side of fries that we wouldn’t usually have. This was an absolute steal, but it just meant we had more cash to leave as a tip.

I have a feeling this place will do really well. Have you checked it out yet? I’m on a mission to find more places like this so please send me some suggestions. They don’t need to be new, I’m simply looking for hidden gems.

Thanks for reading,

K x

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