The Spiritualist

I’ve been to the Spiritualist a few times for cocktails but never for food. I’ve always been tempted but never got round to it. Therefore when I was invited along for dinner* I was quick to take up the opportunity.

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the cocktails at the Spiritualist and after my most recent visit I can still say that. They are always perfectly mixed and served beautifully. On this particular occasion I decided to go for a Raspberry Daiquiri. If friends ask me where they should go for drinks when spending time in Glasgow I’m quite quick to point them in the direction of The Spiritualist.

In true “food blogger” style I had already scanned the menu and made up my mind as to what I was going to have before I arrived.

However on arrival we were presented with a separate evening menu, along with the a la carte that my original choices were made from. If you keep up with my regular updates on Instagram ( @thefoodlife_GLA ) then you may be aware of the fact that I really struggle to make decisions. In hindsight I should have just not looked at this new menu because as soon as I did my decision making struggle began. Was I to stick with my original choices? Or go with a few dishes that had caught my attention on the other menu.

In the end I went for items from the new menu: Gin Martini Cured Salmon, Steak Frites, & Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Meanwhile my friend chose French Onion Soup, Real Scampi & Real Chips and After Dinner Parfait from the A la Carte menu.

The salmon was delicious. I didn’t get any over powering tastes of gin martini. There was ample salmon on my plate – a fair ratio of salmon to leaves I would say. The flavour of the salmon went really well with the cocktail olive tapenade.

I was going to go for the Real Scampi with Real Chips from the A la Carte menu, however my friend decided to have that. Therefore rather than order two of the same dish I decided to go for the Steak Frites.

I’ve had my fair share of flat iron steak so this dish was going to have a lot to live up to. The meat was seasoned well and overall the dish was good. However, in comparison to other versions of this dish that I’ve tried it didn’t stand out. The sauce was delicious – for me it was the perfect balance between a peppercorn and a whisky sauce. (I am aware that cognac is a brandy and not whisky). Great if you are like me and struggle to make such important decisions.

The Scampi came as a very generous portion. What had caught my eye with this dish was the fact that it was monkfish rather than traditional scampi. I love monkfish. As it was such a generous portion I had a little try too. It lived up to my expectations and I will definitely be ordering my own portion next time I’m at The Spiritualist. The bread crumb coating was lovely and crisp whilst inside the monkfish was perfectly cooked and not dried out.

Finally, dessert. A course that no matter how full I feel I cannot say no to. ESPECIALLY, when there are two chocolatey options that I am TORN between. We had the After Dinner Parfait from the A la Carte menu alongside the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake from the Evening Menu. My favourite of the two was the parfait – however if they turned that parfait into a cheesecake then I’d be the first customer lined up to try it.

Both desserts were a chocoholics heaven. I could eat chocolate all day. The fresh pieces of mint that could be found throughout the parfait gave a cool freshness that is welcomed after eating a big meal. Although rich and chocolatey both desserts were still quite light.

Based on my experience at The Spiritualist I would definitely recommend their evening menu, which only launched last week, as a festive treat. You can opt for two courses at £13.95 or add on a third course for £15.95. In the centre of Glasgow and in the wonderful surroundings that The Spiritualist has to offer I would say this is very good value for money. Meaning you can spend more of your hard earned money on their fantastic cocktails.

There A la Carte menu is also reasonably priced and there are still a few dishes on there catching my eye. This just means I’ll be back to sample more whilst indulging in some of their excellent cocktails.

Until then…

Thanks for reading

K x

* I was invited to try the menu at The Spiritualist. All opinions in this review are my own.

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