Falling Out Of Love

I have recently fallen out of love… with Instagram. 

Down To Earth – Partick – Competition Prize – Fish tacos, rosemary salt fries & arancini.


In fact, I have decided that we need to take a break. As a consequence of how I am feeling I have logged out. I have left behind a short post which, sadly, I don’t think I fully managed to get my point across on.

First of all, I have not fallen out of love with food.  I am still enjoying cooking food, making food look pretty, taking pictures of wonderful food and writing about food. Since logging out I have continued to do these things. I still feel great amounts of joy from these things.

Home made omelette inspired by Just Jess Food
IKEA Cake Stop
Chinese Five Spice Pork Noodles


Here is what I am struggling with. I did not start my account with the intention of gaining a huge following. I created it simply as a space where I could post pictures of my food separate from my personal account. Simple as that. I wanted to make it look good of course. I wanted to do it for me. As much as this is all still true the numbers still haunt me. That is the main reason I am taking a break. To remind me how irrelevant those numbers are to my real life.

Another bonus of starting my blog and Instagram account is that I discovered that it was a great way to meet people online and quite often in real life. I had no idea that it would even be a possibility. I remember receiving one of my first emails from a PR company and thinking is this a joke? Through being invited to events it has given me a social life that I did not really have when I first moved to Glasgow. However, in the past couple of months I’ve turned down more events and “freebies” than I have accepted. Sometimes it has simply been due to already having plans but other times I have honestly felt like a fake and that I do not deserve a place at these events.

I feel that I am putting pressure on myself. But why? The only thing I can think of is for the numbers. Those numbers that should not and do not define me. It is as if I am in a huff with Instagram and the algorithm. Yes, that is partly it. However, I am not taking a break as some sort of revenge against Instagram. I am taking a break to try and rediscover what it was that made me fall in love with it in the first place. I really hope that makes sense and perhaps helps you now understand why I have taken this break.


Before I go I would just love to give a big shout out to ‘Down to Earth’ & ‘Lauren’s Cravings

A few weeks ago Lauren ran a competition for lunch for two at ‘Down to Earth’ and I WON! Sadly I claimed my prize during my Instagram break but feel like it would be completely unfair to not give them the shout out they deserve. These fish tacos were amazing! The haddock was cooked perfectly meaning it was nice and flaky and in no way dry. I also had some of the arancini which I noticed they also serve as a main. I enjoyed the side so much I would be tempted to order the main next time.  


To reiterate what I said above. I have not fallen out of love with sharing pictures of fantastic looking food. I have not stopped wanting to write and spread the word about it. I am just not enjoying Instagram. So who knows, if I have plenty to say I may be able to get a few more blog posts up, especially now that I am not wasting hours scrolling through Instagram on autopilot.

I am off to make dinner and most likely take lots of snaps of it!

Thanks for reading 

K x 



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