Just Married

There’s nothing like receiving an email to say you’ve renewed your wordpress subscription. Checking the bill (£51 FYI) made me realise I should probably get my money’s worth by actually posting something. So here I am sharing our wedding day. Strictly speaking this isn’t a post completely dedicated to food. However the food was definitely one of my favourite things about the day. And since I’m the person footing the £51 bill for running this blog I reserve the right to post what I like. If weddings are your thing then stick around and read on, but if you’re just here for the food feel free to scroll on down and stop when you get to the food!

Where to begin? Seeing as I never really announced our engagement on my Instagram account or blog I guess that’s a good place to start.

**Some of the photographs below were taken by our wedding photographer Karen Jackson**

The Proposal

On Sunday 23rd December at Durdle Door, Dorset, seeking shelter from the rain in a cave, my boyfriend of 7 years got down on one knee and asked the THE QUESTION. Of course, I said yes (after dropping the F bomb simply because I was in shock and thought it was going to be a leap year situation) followed by “are you sure?” Again, this was simply because I was in SHOCK!

Wedding Planning


Pre-engagement we had always spoken about something small, perhaps even just the two of us. However, when it boiled down to it, we wanted to share the day with a few close people. As witnesses, we chose a friend each that we both knew quite well. We did think about keeping it at that but in the days after the proposal it became quite apparent that attending our wedding would mean the world to our parents. It was hard not having the rest of my best friends and sisters there but I have quite a few so it would have instantly become a much bigger day than we wanted, and that’s without inviting their significant others and my fiancé’s friends.


After new year I still had a few days off so I began researching venues. We wanted to find a place where we would not only get married but also have our 8 guests stay. Rufflets in St. Andrews was the first and final place we visited. It simply ticket all the boxes. Beautiful gardens, lovely rooms where all our guests could stay and a restaurant boasting two AA rosettes. A quick visit up on a frosty January morning and we were BOOKED.

Wedding Attire

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Sheran at Reeta Fashions bridal boutique. I showed her a couple of Pinterest snaps of the type of dress I liked and I ended up buying the first one she took out for me to try on.

The men’s suits were a fairly easy job with a trip to Slaters. Although I wouldn’t necessarily use them again as although the service overall was quite good there were a few admin errors along the way.

Bridesmaid dresses were more difficult. These were left until a little later as my main bridesmaid didn’t get back from her travels until late March. In the end we settled on dusty rose coloured dresses from Monsoon.

Flowers & Cake

Although we didn’t want a big fuss, these things were still important to me. I had dreams of beautiful bouquets filled with gypsophila and light pink flowers. The ladies at Stucio and Waow brought the designs in my imagination to life. Quicksand roses are now my favourite flower!

For the cake, I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing but also delicious. A uni friend suggested speaking to her friend who bakes DELICIOUS cakes and is based in Dundee to see what she could do. Together we dreamed up the perfect cake for our tiny but special day. Chocolate sponge, with white chocolate icing creating the naked effect and decorated with real roses (matching my bouquet) and macarons. It was perfect! If you’re in the area and are looking for an occasion cake you should definitely check out Ruth via her Facebook page.

The Big Day

Hair and make up

The nerves I experienced on the run up to the big day itself were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I’m talking extremely tense muscles and stomach cramps. This was highly frustrating as in my mind I felt fine. Everything was organised and ready to go, all we had to do was turn up!

Luckily by the morning of the wedding I had gotten over the worst of my nerves. Having Karen and Linzi there to help us get ready definitely made me feel relaxed. There really was nothing for us ladies to do as these two had it all covered. Karen is a very talented make up artist. Honestly, it’s like magic! I’m so grateful that I stumbled across her Instagram account. In addition to this, Linzi is also very skilled in what she does. I had forgone a hair trial simply due to geographical and time restraints. Despite this Linzi was still more than capable of creating my dream hair for my wedding day. With the help of both of these wonderful ladies I felt amazing. In fact all the women who were present at the wedding loved their hair and make up. We were all indeed very happy customers.


Our photographer was another fantastic Instagram find. Karen was happy to capture our day and did such an amazing job. There are some photos that I don’t even remember her taking which just shows how good she was at being discreet amongst our very small group. Her work is amazing – check out her blog here


With the stunning gardens being one of the reasons we chose Rufflets, our plan had been to tie the knot outside under the huge tree at the bottom of the garden. However, we live in Scotland and despite the East Neuk experiencing less rain than the rest of Scotland, luck was not on our side, and it rained. The ceremony had to be held inside the drawing room instead. I’m still a little bit gutted about this however we made it work. Hey, let’s face it, without the rain those white brollies wouldn’t be featuring in all of our photos. Louise, the wedding coordinator at Rufflets, was amazing when bringing our whole day together. I don’t think it would have been the same without her.


Now for the section most of you are here for given that this is a food blog. As we were a very small wedding party we were able to eat from the restaurants a la carte menu. Since Seasons at Rufflets holds two AA rosettes I was very excited for this part of the day. Here’s a little snapshot of my wedding breakfast

King Scallop, East Neuk Crab Spring Roll and Brown Crab Ketchup

A small plate with so much flavour. Everything on this plate was absolutely delicious. It left me wanting more.


The chateaubriand was cooked to perfection. Those chips were oh so moreish. If I wasn’t wearing such a snug fitting dress I’d of made sure I devoured every last one.

Vanilla Panna Cotta

The Vanilla Panna Cotta was the perfect light dessert. Feeling quite full at this point I felt that it was just the right amount. It was incredibly well presented too.

I thoroughly enjoyed every course but that didn’t stop me feeling food envy towards those tucking into the rabbit ravioli, lobster risotto and chocolate and peanut butter dessert.

We had the most wonderful day and are so grateful to everyone who played a part. I would love to be able to replay the whole day again simply so that I could sit back and appreciate it even more than I already do.