Some Thoughts

Perhaps it is human nature to be judgemental, an act inside our brains now so automatic that it’s hard to stop.

However, you can control what you say. Speech is not automatic. The words you use are chosen by you.

The method in which you decide to vocalise these words are also a choice. To someone’s face or behind their back. In private or in public.

If it’s not constructive or helpful and you’re not prepared to say it to their face, don’t say it. Simple.

Think before you speak, tweet or post!

Be kind. Be mindful.

Photo credit @the_SMMhub

Don’t be a robot. Be a human. Have thoughts but act on them with careful consideration.

If someone ever reaches out to you. Remember how you react matters. No matter what they’ve done or how they’ve perhaps made you feel in the past.

Photo credit Caroline Flack
This post breaks my heart

@annamathur has summed up how I feel about this whole situation here. If my words above don’t make sense, I know that hers do.

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