Lockdown Diaries

Does anyone remember panicking just before the start of Lockdown when they walked down the aisle in the supermarket and saw empty shelves?

I do. These sights for me were pretty scary to me. I still can’t believe it. Were people really clearing the shelves and hiding it all in their houses?

Luckily after a few weeks it began to calm down. Although, due to the meat supply in supermarkets not returning so quickly (at least in my local Tesco), I turned to my local butcher and I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner.

I’ve always had these good intentions. However, my excuse has been a lack of time. During a busy working week I’ve always been it so much quicker and easier for me to do all my food shopping online.

I still feel that this is mostly true. Especially when there are still often queues outside the supermarket so that social distancing requirements can be met. However, trips to my local butcher are now becoming part of my routine.

Another habit that has changed during lockdown (although only slightly) is the variety of takeaways. One night each weekend, normally a Friday but sometimes a Saturday, we order a takeaway. It’s David’s treat as I cook all other nights of the week. A chippie tends to be the favoured choice. However, due to not being able to eat out, ever, in the current situation we have found ourselves changing up our takeaway orders.

Sunday roasts have also become more regular. As I’ve been working from home my Sunday dread has been mostly non existent. Meaning I enjoy my Sundays. The way I’ve chosen to enjoy them has been to make a Sunday roast (meat from the local butcher of course!).

With all of this in mind, and a change it the amount of time I have had at home, I’ve been taking a few more photographs of food again.

Food photography for me over the past few years has been one of my favourite ways to save memories. So I thought I would share the photographs I’ve taken over the past few months in one round up blog post.

I think this will be a very interesting blog post to look back on in the future. As will this whole experience in general.

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