Lockdown Eats

Restaurants closed down. Delivery or cooking at home was the only option…

With lockdown feeling like it came out of nowhere and having to self isolate due to having symptoms… we ordered a roast from the Spanish Butcher. Not sure if I had the dreaded covid, although I did feel awful and due to a lack of taste and smell I didn’t feel hungry for weeks…

As working from home commenced and our quarantine ended we had to get creative and plan some at home date nights. Getting dressed up and staying in wasn’t so bad!

During Lockdown I discovered Homemade By Caitlin. Ordering a roast that simply had to be put in the oven and then put on a plate was definitely a highlight of our first few weeks of lockdown.

Can’t go out for tapas? No problem – easy peasy at home tapas. Another lovely date night spent at home.

Still had the usual pizza cravings every now and then but after ordering one dominos from a limited menu near the beginning of Lockdown we were very disappointed. From then on it was Pizza Punks or Baffo.

March felt like forever, then April and May flew by. Before we knew it it was my lockdown birthday. We were gifted some lovely cocktails and ordered from BAKED Pizza Al Taglio. Only downside to this was you needed to cook the pizza yourself. However, it was delicious and meant that you could have it arrive earlier in the day so that you weren’t waiting impatiently when really hungry.

Lockdown also meant rediscovering our local butcher. I really enjoyed steak nights at home and they became a regular for a few weeks…

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